Sigma Solutions brinda un servicio holístico

Take your management team to the next level.

In Sigma Solutions, we provide competitive training for your human resources department in the strategic profile selection.

We identify and increase in a theoretical and practical way your team abilities to interview your candidates by different methods.

Our competencies interviews at a management level program bring business recruiters a comprehensive overview of the interview process according to the selection method: Interview by Competencies..

Reinforce the knowledge and abilities of your management team with our training. Obtain benefits by finding the knowledge in our tools.

Select the best training for your company.


4.0 Digital Recruitment

Lenguaje corporal

Nonverbal Language

habilidades gerenciales estratégicas

Strategic Recruitment

Pruebas psicometricas y habilidades gerenciales


Tendencias en habilidades gerenciales

Recruitment tendencies

Habilidades blandas


Generate a relationship between your company’s branding and learn the importance of having a systematic method to interview the candidate. The applicant will think positively about the company.

These tools are strategic, effective, and equitable upon being accepted by the candidates and interviewers. Our training system helps understand the difference between, competence, ability, and capacity to measure each one of them during the interviews.

Our STAR methodology allows us to accomplish the interview objectively, evaluating the applicant throughout the situation that is presented at the moment, the tasks that he/she will be developing, as well as the actions that he/she chooses to perform and the results obtained. situación que se presenta en el momento, las tareas que estaría desarrollando, así como, las acciones que elige realizar y los resultados obtenidos. 

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