Personality Test

Know the commitment level, desire to stand out, attitude, security, energy level, lifestyle, and work adaptation.

Throughout this exam, you could obtain an inventory of the individual personality. Get to know if the talent requires supervision, adherence to norms, among others. We provide a complete report with 20 personality variables from your applicants.

Evaluated Features: With this test, we evaluate the energy levels, leadership, lifestyle, social nature, work adaptation, emotional nature, and subordination.


It throws 20 personality variables measured on a scale from 0 to 9 group in 7 subsets:

Thrust level: Commitment to complete an activity, realization of exhausting tasks, desire to stand out.

Influence: Influence attitude, security to decide, like for subordinates.

Vitality: Dynamic, energetic.

Interpersonal Relationships: Desire to stand out, social relationships, group acceptance, affective quality.

Laboral Category; Abstract, thorough, methodical.

Mood Situation: Constancy, mood stability, conflict reaction.

Structure: Requires supervision, attachment to rules, and standards.

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