Behavior Test

We evaluate responsibility, endeavor, influence, and constancy levels. (REIC factor)

You will obtain information about their daily behavior, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, as well as their under-pressure performance. This technique helps to have a clear idea of the way a person who’s taking the exam behaves.

Evaluated Features: This test evaluates the endeavor, influence, constancy, and responsibility of the candidates.


It shows behavior in 4 different areas on a scale from 0 to 100:

Responsibility: The applicant is clear of the rules. They allow us to have an order and avoid difficulties of any kind.

Constancy: The applicant counts with the ability to constant activities without getting bored. They like to have tasks where they know what to do, and no changes are needed because this generates security in their job.

Influence: The applicant is a very social person, is easy for them to communicate with others, and create stable relationships, counts with positive aspects that allow them to exercise actions above others.

Endeavor: The applicant can start activities to obtain favorable results. Despite the circumstances, they like dares and are good leaders.

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