Identification of compliance with the standard. Compliance with the mandatory requirements for all companies in Mexico.
We identify and analyze the psychosocial risks in your industry. It includes traumatic events, psychosocial risk, and organizational environment evaluation.

This standard is mandatory for all companies in Mexico. Forces identification, analysis, and work risks.

The Secretary of Labor and Social Security will make some visits to these workplaces and will review the compliance of the conditions established by this standard. As part of these activities, it can apply three types of evaluations to your workers. 

The Mexican NOM-035-STPS-2018 establishes like mandatory, having printed or electronic registry for at least one year, as evidence that the company performs the identification of the risk factors. Also to spread and provide among workers identification and analysis results of these. (NOM-035-STPS-2018, 5.7, subsection a, 5.8 subsection a and 10.4)

Included evaluations are:

  1. Traumatic events: Questionnaire to identify workers subjected to severe traumatic events. (To all companies)
  2. Psychosocial Risk: Identification and Analysis of psychosocial risk (to companies from 16 to 50 employees)
  3. Psychosocial Risk and Environment: Evaluation for identification and analysis of psychosocial risks and organizational environment evaluation in workplaces. (For companies with more than 50 employees)

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