New Normality: Reinventing Human Resources

Without a doubt, the workplace is one of the changing aspects due to Covid-19. However, this has been an opportunity to re-invent and improve the recruitment processes of industries.

Covid-19 pandemic has transformed many things in our lives; therefore it has meant an important change in our conception of different aspects, in which work is one of them.

This new way of living our lives and work, has been cataloged as “the new normality” and it has been the opportunity to redesign our routines and conceptualize differently our due. nueva normalidad; y ha sido la oportunidad de rediseñar nuestras rutinas y sobre todo de conceptualizar de forma distintas nuestras labores.

From telecommuting, to the office return under security and distance measures; the industry has been shaken and in need of growth to respond to new demands and accomplish new objectives.

Thus, today we are going to talk to you about some covid-19 impacts over the conception of recruitment and staff management, giving results to reinvent human resources.

Reinventing human resources: Recruitment outside expected borders.

Reinventing human resources: Recruitment outside expected borders.

The first phase of the laboral world during the pandemic was the telecommuting adequation. And although it seems impossible, despite the technological advances and how included is the 2.0 life in the industry, we weren’t prepared to do everything from home.

And here is where the opening to a new horizon arose and visualized a new necessity; the one to rethink conventional niches related to hiring and include new objectives.

A whole new area of the industry had to be established or rethought , like the telecommunications departments, electronics, and associates.

So, not just during the confinement but during the office re-integration; it becomes more necessary the rethinking of horizons as to contraction because, without a doubt, industry objectives have changed.

Reinventing human resources:Retraining as a strategy.

We always associate recruitment with the new talents search and although we are correct, it is not as literal as it sounds. New talents are not always synonyms for hiring new people.

Sometimes what the industry needs for its new objectives can get it within its actual work team. Retargeting new talents inside it, would be what we conceive as retraining.

Training as a recruitment tool allows your staff to adapt to new demands, developing the necessary competencies to achieve the industry’s new objectives.

This means a change in your own company’s vision, in the employees mission, and the way that they develop their functions nowadays.

Before any crises, for example the one passed by the pandemic, retraining as a strategy of talent recruitment is a good way to start the change in talent training.

Reinventing human resources:Multichannels and constant interaction.

If there’s something that has changed in the industry at the rate of Covid-19 is communication. It became necessary to move forward without the ability to find ourselves in the constant workspace, it became necessary as well to create new encounter spaces in which communicating was and is the key to success.

For this, multi channels have been the key tool to maintain the system going; thereby the industry’s intern interaction has been changed from presence to consistent virtuality that supports itself with different digital tools.

Without any doubt, our laboral life has been one of the most changed aspects during Covid-19 pandemic. However, as with every crisis, it has been an opportunity for re-engineering, improvement, and having a processes review. Including new aspects to our industry.

Among these changes, human resources in companies have had to rethink their objectives, and reconsider their methods and we know that not for every industry has been easy.

This is why, here in Sigma Solutions, we support you in every training and staff recruitment process for your human resources department, making them easier and efficient, responding to your actual demands, and accepting your necessities.

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