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Sigma Solutions, founded and directed by Ines Velasco, an Industrial Engineer graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Juárez with a master 's degree in Business Management from the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua.

She has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing industries such as automotive, medical, and electronics. Throughout this experience, she had the opportunity to specialize in talent acquisition for different sectors within the Juarez manufacturing industry. 

Officially in 2016, Sigma Solutions, a recruitment agency, and talent acquisition join to provide personalized services to enterprises with job vacancy needs from a technical, manager, executive, and all leadership development levels with a focus in specialized positions.

With experience as a Headhunter, she has achieved to cover operations with the recruitment services within the regional area in Ciudad Juarez, Chih. and El Paso, Tx, as well as in Miami, Florida remotely.

En un mercado en el que la saturación de compañías crece día a día, los consumidores eligen adquirir servicios o productos por aquellas empresas que generan mayor confianza y para ello en Sigma Solutions contamos con la insignia BBB (Better Business Bureau), la cuál verifica la ética y validez de nuestra compañía.


Sigma Solutions, a talent acquisition agency, is an extension to the Human Resources department with integral services, focused on ensuring a quality team of key associates contributing to the continuous improvement in your company vacancies.


To be a recognized recruitment agency by their values, methodologies and strategic operations. Offering solutions, expertise, and high quality of labor life to candidates placed in world-class manufacturer enterprises

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Sigma Solutions is operated by the Lean Six Sigma methodology to define necessities, measure scopes, and opportunities for each client.

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The team works and provides personalized attention in talent selection with the maximum transparency towards clients and candidates.

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Our selection methodology is an innovative and intelligent structure, accelerating processes through automatization.

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Sigma Solutions, respects and cares for the integrity of our employees, community, and clients to daily bring better service.

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We create effective connections, receiving feedback to improve our staff selection process, and recruitment.

Sigma Solutions, talent acquisition agency in the manufacturing industry:

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Lightning and electronic equipment
Medical devices
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IT and Analytical instrumentation
Devices and components
Communication equipment and services

Sigma solutions control from start to finish any type of recruitment necessity, we attend specialized elements in human resources to different industries in a proactive way.

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